Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Place Like Home...

This evening I was trying to find a vacant TV in any common room on West Campus, driven by my Grey's Anatomy addiction (as if I need more drama in my life). Seven common rooms and one rodent-of-unusual-size later, I called Carol. Distraught at having missed 15 minutes of the show I usually have to watch online (because of Ballet Rep rehearsal), I didn't know where else to turn.
Thankfully, both Carol and the second-floor Few common room helped me in my time of need. But honestly, the ROUS was way more exciting in the end...

So, I write this entry from Carol's pink Vaio, sitting on her comfy high-rise bed. It's nice to have another place besides my own room where I feel at home. In fact, Duke itself is beginning to feel like my home. I knew I would have to give the adjustment some time. Yet not a day goes by that I am not overwhelmed with the feeling that my path has been truly blessed. Three years ago, I wouldn't have believed it if you had told me I would transfer. To Duke, no less. (Actually, even at the end of last semester I wouldn't have considered the possibility.)

There is this amazing invention at schools in North Carolina and other places too, I suppose, called FALL BREAK. During this luxurious 4-day weekend, I flew up to Boston, where I spent time with the people I miss most from my past 2 years. The gracious hosts of 96 Powderhouse accepted me and my mess in their living room for the entirety of my trip - THANK YOU! Yes, I went to Snappy Sushi - an experience which is fully detailed in pictures throughout this post. Nothing extravagant - just spending time with people, which is by far my favorite extra-curricular activity. Not only did I get to see my friends at Tufts, but I also was lucky enough to catch a few friends from my job at Wediko this past summer. I ate lovely Greek/diner food at Zoe's with Bing, where we reminisced over the ultimate highs and lows of summer. The next night I found myself
in the very same restaurant, being a bit off-track with Dee and Ronee. Ronee almost murdered a crying child with her eyes, while Dee commented, "Well, this is an appropriate reunion for us!" Oh, the wisdom of Dee. (Also discussed was the ridiculousness of keeping the sticker AND the tag on a baseball cap...Ronee...) My time in Boston felt short and I know there are friends I was not able to visit - I am sorry, friends!

But on the flight home, I realized that there was no anxiety, no dread, in fact no reluctance at all to return to Crowell on the West Campus of Duke. I used to loathe flights from Los Angeles to Boston, but I anticipate the LAX-RDU trip won't be the same. And that's a really great feeling.


If you are wondering where I'll be in 2 years - I can finally tell you! The plan is to apply to the DukeEngage program in Northern Ireland, be accepted, work in either a Trauma or Women's Center in West Belfast, and then go back there after graduation. If you are one of the people who heard of the former Lindsay-in-Australia plan, well, that's been postponed. For now!

(More to come on Northern Ireland...the info session was inspiring.)

Other than that, I am still dancing, going to Cru Bible Study, swimming, singing in Chapel Choir, and loving my classes!

On the horizon: North Carolina State Fair on Saturday! WOOHOO!


  1. I love the nonexistent part where you mention that you lost the beloved water bottle that I gave you last christmas to replace one I had given you previously. I love you. and I am jealous that you will be a state fair, and I will either be stuck in the gym doing the PSAT or stuck in PAC rehearsing for a chorus line. I love you. MWAH!

  2. whoa!! good to know about your future plans! lucky butt for having fall break and... hope you had fun at the state fair! :)