Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Have to Open the Box, Silly!

I couldn't fall asleep last night until 2am. I decided to squeeze in my 8 hours of beauty sleep by missing my first class, which I rarely do. I think it's a waste of everyone's time, money, and energy to make college a game of how little you can do in order to go places in life.

But alas, desperate times...Anyway, so when I woke up this morning, I quite literally hopped straight out of bed to go pour my cereal and milk. Well, this process did not go as smoothly as planned and milk was spilled all over my "kitchen counter" (i.e. my dresser). Oh poo. Cleaned that mess up (without crying...spilt milk...get it?) and moved my butt out the door.

Little did I know that the rest of my day would make up for this little incident ten-fold. When I returned from class, there was a present hanging on my door knob, contained (as all the best presents are) in a Target bag. I proceeded to open the presents and took pictures documenting my loot: Choxie chocolate and Kashi cereal! I was so excited that I updated my Facebook status, thus:

dear Big: how did you know that Kashi cereal and chocolate-mint Choxie would make my life complete? also, you are a FANTASTIC wrapper. ♥

A few minutes later I decided I wanted some of the aforementioned Kashi cereal. I picked up the box and noted that it was open, but wasn't about to be picky where presents are concerned. When I opened it, I realized that I had been so overjoyed at the thought of Kashi cereal that I never thought for a second that something even better might be inside. In fact, the box did not contain cereal at all (I'm slowly recovering from this disappointment), but a beautiful red pashmina. Needless to say, I laughed out loud at myself for a while.
Fast-forward to Judaism class. Professor Meyers informs Peter and I that the emails about the Israel trip are finally going out today and that we both would be receiving affirmatives. My response was along the lines of: "YESSSSSSSS!!!" I had to stop myself from professing my eternal love and gratitude for Prof. Meyers, but my enthusiasm could not be contained completely. So, I will be spending the second part of Christmas break in Israel (Jerusalem, Galilee, and Tel Aviv).

The lesson today is that you never know when truly amazing things will happen. Things you've been awaiting for a long time and others that you never thought to expect. But one thing is for sure: if you don't try, it won't happen. No matter how difficult or easy it might be, you have to open the box.

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