Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick hello...and cheerio!

After an entire week at our placements, I can say this much: a) public transportation in Belfast is extremely prompt, but a 7-mile journey that takes 45 minutes can become slightly tedious, b) I am learning how to do consulting by trial-and-error, but have tons of helpful people helping, c) tea/coffee is offered to me approximately 5 times a day, and d) I am still pretending that "biscuits" aren't actually cookies and have some nutritional value.

I will give a more complete update on all of the happenings this past week has brought, but I didn't want to seem like I was neglecting you all (sidenote: I have been saying y'all way too often recently...SCARY).

Our group is off to Derry/Londonderry (termed Stroke City for attempting to be neutral in its name) in about 10 minutes!!! A two-hour trip to the northwest and we will soon be learning about the city's history, particularly about Bloody Sunday. Look it up and then read this short article:

My director passed this article onto us and it will be interesting to be here when the report is released on June 15th...

Apologies that this is so quick and rushed -- more to come soon. CHEERS!

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